LIUNA African American Caucus

In Diversity There is Strength



The mission of the LIUNA African American Caucus is to identify, promote and support issues that address the needs and interests of LIUNA members of African descent, their families and the communities they live in. 



The Caucus works to identify, promote, and support issues of concern for African Americans within LIUNA for the purpose of advancing and sustaining LIUNA!’s mission and goals and interests. 



The Laborers International Union of North America is a powerhouse of workers who are proud to build the United States and Canada. A half-million strong, we are united through collective bargaining agreements which help us earn family-supporting pay, good benefits and the opportunity for advancement and better lives. 


Get your LIUNA "Black Lives Matter" T-Shirt NOW!

The Black Lives Matter Movement is a call for much needed change across many barriers for all people of color, especially African Americans. Now is the time for systemic changes in this country. Our BLM T-shirt project is one way the AA Caucus is addressing the need for change and exemplifying a show of solidarity against injustice. We believe LIUNA members who wear the t-shirts, will do so with PRIDE knowing that our union stands on the right side of justice. Wearing the t-shirts is an expression of support for the AA Caucus, the BLM Movement, and most importantly LIUNA’s motto of "Justice, Honor and Strength". 

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The African American Caucus (AAC)

In 1996 the Laborers’ International Union of North America (LIUNA) announced the creation of a Minority Advancement Department. The Department was formed to address the concerns of the growing minority membership within the union and to develop links with minority communities around the country.

In June 2001, General President Terence M. O’Sullivan appointed the Minority Advancement Advisory Committee. Since that time members of the Advisory Committee have met and formed minority caucuses. One of the caucuses formed is the LIUNA caucus. 



LIUNA AA Caucus Board Member Honored for Community Involvement

LIUNA AA Caucus board member and New York LIUNA Local 79 executive board member Brother Barrie Smith’s tireless work in his community, educating and organizing, has not gone unnoticed. Brother Smith has received several honors for his dedicated work in the community in the past few months. In March 2022, Brother Smith and Brother Anthony Williamson, caucus member, received the Labor Press Community Service Award during the New York Building Trades conference in Hallandale Beach Florida. The award recognized their significant roles in community involvement and organizing activities for LIUNA Local 79.

In April 2022, Brother Smith received recognition from Lebanon High School for his work...

LIUNA AA Caucus Encourages Members to Support the DOL's Updated Wage Rules on Federal Construction

Send your message of support for these changes that will protect Laborers’ wages, and ensure union contractors have a fair chance to bid on federal jobs.

LIUNA members are skilled workers who do the hard work of building America. Davis-Bacon prevailing wages ensure we earn fair pay and benefits. But non-union contractors are ignoring the rules, stealing from workers, and retaliating when workers speak out. The Department of Labor has proposed a historic update to protect and strengthen Davis-Bacon prevailing wage rules. Send your message of support for these changes that will protect Laborers’ wages, and ensure union contractors have a fair chance to bid on federal jobs.



LIUNA AA Caucus Charter Board Member Inducted into the Louisiana AFL-CIO Hall of Fame Posthumously

LIUNA Retiree, Brother Ernest C. Stephens, a member and officer of LIUNA Local 99 (formerly 1177) for over 45 years, was inducted into the LA AFL-CIO Hall of Fame during the recent LA AFL CIO Conference in Baton Rouge, LA. LA Governor John Bell Edwards spoke passionately about Brother Stephen's calm demeanor and strong commitment to working men and women in Louisiana. Brother Stephens, who passed in May 2021, had been the Assistant to the President and Statewide Political Director for the LA AFL-CIO since 2009, after his retirement from LIUNA. While Business Manager of Local 1177, Brother Stephens was a charter member of the LIUNA AA Caucus National Board. Along with other charter members, B...

LIUNA Brother Carl Styles Represents LIUNA AA Caucus at the 57th Anniversary of Bloody Sunday

LIUNA AA Caucus Secretary- Treasurer and Southern New Jersey Building Laborers District Council/Local 77 Business Manager, Carl Styles, was the Caucus representative at the Bridge Crossing Jubilee commemorating the 57th anniversary of “Bloody Sunday”. “Bloody Sunday” references the Selma to Montgomery March for the Voting Rights Act of 1965. Jubilee events were held March 3-6, 2022 in Selma, AL. Speakers included U. S. Vice President Kamala Harris, AFL-CIO President, Liz Schuler, AFSCME President, Lee Saunders, and the Reverend Jesse Jackson, just to name a few. Music festivals, vaccination drives, panel presentations, public comment periods, and an Intergeneration...

LIUNA AA Caucus E Board Member Brother Paul Thompson Organizes the 17th Annual Charles Rolland African American Legislative Day

LIUNA AA Caucus board member, NROC Market Representative and APRI Tacoma Chapter President, Brother Paul Thompson worked with other compatible Labor and community groups to organize the 17th Annual Charles Rolland AA Legislative Day to be held via zoom on February 21, 2022. The event will include open discussion panels with WA state officials to give Labor and community groups an opportunity to get key issues heard with legislators who can make a difference in the communities they live in.

Charles Rolland III was the first African American chair of a major political party in Washington State. Roland served as chair of the Washington State Democratic Party during the years 1993-1995. Previou...

LIUNA Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill Fact Sheet for Communities of Color

LIUNA has added a Fact Sheet on the positive impacts the Bi-Partisan Infrastructure Framework Bill (BIF) could have on communities of color. Be sure to check it out and share with your members.

PLEASE TUNE IN Tuesday, September 7th at 7:00 - 8:30 p.m. EST- LIUNA AA Caucus President Ryan Boyer participates in NAACP's Virtual Discussion on "Building Back Black - An Infrastructure Plan that works for Black America"

In recognition of Labor Day 2021, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) will be hosting NAACP Labor Action Week 2021, September 2-7, 2021. LIUNA is happy to partner with the NAACP in this endeavor. Through the week of activities, the NAACP will celebrate and recognize the historic role of Black workers in advocating for workers' rights and supporting a robust economy.

The Bi-Partisan Infrastructure Framework (BIF) Bill seeks to invest nearly $550 billion in new spending on roads, bridges, broadband internet, water pipes, and other public works systems; hence creating upwards of 2 million jobs per year for the next decade. The BIF is crucial to all LIUNA memb...

Making It Plain Town Hall Meeting