President's Message

Are you ready to answer the call to commitment?

Welcome to our new website. We expect to use it to communicate with our members and all others interested, who consult the LIUNA website. My message will be updated, from time to time, with important information, such as what we are doing to fulfill our Mission (see our Mission Statement on the site), our plans for future activities and important dates, and various other activities of note.   

I am calling my message "Call to Commitment," because I believe that all our members should be prepared to step up and show real dedication that we have in the LIUNA African American Caucus. We must be ready to put into action whatever is necessary to further the goals of the caucus. Our entire caucus must be educated and aware of the world around us and the importance of constant vigilance, necessary to insure the rights of all minorities, in all aspects of life. We must be pro-active, not reactive. Those of us on the Board must lead by example. We cannot expect others to work without our leading by way of example ourselves. This involves education, hard work, planning, collaboration, and perseverance. Our Mission (our Dream) cannot be realized unless we are up-to-date on the problems in our Locals, District Councils, our States, Regions and LIUNA. We must be constantly moving forward and looking back to be certain that any such problems are being recognized and addressed.  

I am sure that there are countless more items to be addressed, but just this past year, we witnessed the unbelievably tragic murder of Trayvon Martin in Florida and the Supreme Court of the United States striking down most important portions of the Voting Rights Act. 

Please remember that all politics are local. I encourage you and your members to run for local offices, such as School Board, Township Councils, County Commissioners, State Representatives, State Senators, and even national offices. Of course, to begin to achieve such positions, we must do whatever we can to assure that all members of LIUNA are registered to vote. 

Finally, it is important for everyone to be aware that we encourage all of you to become members of the caucus. Membership is open to all LIUNA members. Help us to attain our goals of justice, jobs and equality. Obviously, these goals apply to all members of LIUNA.      

President Ryan Boyer