AA Caucus Donates to We Vote We Win in Georgia to Contribute to the GOTV Effort in the Black Community

The AA Caucus believes it is crucial to support a social justice organization with deep community roots to invigorate the GOTV process in GA. Blacks account for a third of eligible voters in GA and could determine which party controls the US Senate next year.

We Vote. We Win. ( is an organization, spearheaded by Georgia Stand Up. The goal of the organization is to be a catalyst for positive change in Georgia, especially in communities of color. The Caucus has worked with Georgia Stand Up on community projects and collaborated with We Vote We Win in past elections.

We Vote. We Win. emerged out of a pursuit to inspire and support the community to be more active in elections. It is committed to in-person, door-to-door, face-to-face contact with voters, to maximize registration, participation, and understanding of the election process. Though it’s calling center it is capable of making thousands of voice, text, and email contacts every day. Targeted calling and canvassing are critical pieces in their overall voter mobilization effort. We Vote. We Win. also uses geofencing as an innovative avenue of reaching hard-to-contact voters.