LIUNA Brother Carl Styles Represents LIUNA AA Caucus at the 57th Anniversary of Bloody Sunday

LIUNA AA Caucus Secretary- Treasurer and Southern New Jersey Building Laborers District Council/Local 77 Business Manager, Carl Styles, was the Caucus representative at the Bridge Crossing Jubilee commemorating the 57th anniversary of “Bloody Sunday”. “Bloody Sunday” references the Selma to Montgomery March for the Voting Rights Act of 1965. Jubilee events were held March 3-6, 2022 in Selma, AL. Speakers included U. S. Vice President Kamala Harris, AFL-CIO President, Liz Schuler, AFSCME President, Lee Saunders, and the Reverend Jesse Jackson, just to name a few. Music festivals, vaccination drives, panel presentations, public comment periods, and an Intergenerational Summit were included in the schedule. The NAACP AL State Conference also held its Freedom Flame Awards Gala, as a part of the weekend schedule. Events culminated with a reenactment of the march over the Edmund Pettis Bridge.

It is important to note that the hard-earned victory for voting rights, won with the blood of so many, was recently gutted by the current Republican Supreme Court and is being supported by Republican legislators around the nation. The LIUNA AA Caucus joins activists in the ongoing fight for voting rights for all people.

Brother Styles, who is also pastor of Bethel United Methodist Church, commented that the entire weekend was invigorating. “I was proud to represent the LIUNA AA Caucus and join labor and civil rights activists in the fight for a fair democracy. Protecting the right to vote is essential for everyone, most importantly for generations in the future. I believe Labor has always stood on the right side of democracy and I believe we have the power to ensure voting rights are saved for everyone.”