LIUNA African American Caucus Assists Mid Atlantic Region in Voter Education Effort


The LIUNA African American Caucus (AAC) proudly took part in flipping Virginia blue in the November 5th election by encouraging the African-American community to vote for candidates who fight for issues impacting the community like good job opportunities and affordable and accessible healthcare. At the request of LIUNA Vice President and Mid-Atlantic Regional Manager, Dennis L. Martire, fifty-eight (58) LIUNA African American Caucus members traveled from Philadelphia, PA to Chesapeake, VA two weekends before the election to remind voters to use their vote as their voice. The LIUNA AAC participated and helped fund the voter education effort.

The demographics of Chesapeake, VA indicate an African American community of 29.7%, more than 10% higher than the state’s 19.2% AA population. Signaling the value of having union caucuses that focus on specific cultural alliances in the community, two union friendly candidates, Clinton Jenkins and Alex Askew, won their races. These two candidates are now part of the democratic majority in both chambers of Virginia’s legislature that intend to prioritize Virginia’s working families.